about us:
Riga Soroush Company with a brand (Cyrus Oil) with a branch in the Iraqi Kurdistan region of Erbil
Iran is also active in exporting oil derivatives from Iran and exporting bitumen from Iraq to Turkey and Bandar Abbas.
The managers of this company with a history of several years of presence and residence in Iraq as well as the ownership of the company active and based in
Iraq has established this company with enough experience. Now with the establishment of this kidney company
Business services, consulting, investment in a completely legal manner and in accordance with the model accepted by the Iraqi parties
 (Exchange guarantee) is in progress and a description of the performance and activities of this company is available to the consulates of the Republic
Islamic Iran is based in Iraq.
Resume of activity and goodwill of this collection by the economic department of Iranian consulates, especially in cities
Erbil and Sulaymaniyah can be inquired.
The management structure of the company has always tried to play a dynamic and systematic role in the development and economic excellence of the country.
Relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources in order to achieve goals such as the development of cross-border cooperation and
Economy and meeting priority needs.